About me

Here is a little about me and my music.


My name is Tinafie Bjerre, I am 32 years old and I live in Denmark.



Music has always filled me up a lot since I was a child, I always heard music no matter what I almost did, singing, and could quickly feel that my voice is part of my life and my soul already then.



I am a human with a very big heart, and have a great care gene that I do want the best for all people, It makes me happy in the heart when people feel good and hurt me in the heart when people have it bad. this also applies to animals. I have always been a human who has given without taking. Always thought of others before myself.

Unfortunately, helping other people is not always the solution for oneself if it ends up being destroyed emotionally. This happened to me at the age of 17. my mind and soul closed down there, which also made my voice retreat into itself. I didn't feel I was living anymore.

My life since the age of 17 has been very difficult emotionally since my caring for other people did non stop. The balance between being there for others and not taking care of myself I had a hard time, so I always came to give too much of myself, to unhealthy people, instead pulled me further down, and I did get very poor self-esteem and often made me think of life is not for me. It was normal for me to fight against a resistance that never stopped. I learned to live with pain, it became part of me, which I went with myself, had no one to share it with. I have become much stronger with everything I've been through, but my heart has also suffered a lot.



Later on, I became pregnant and waited a daughter, I was happy and looked forward to the common love mother. Unfortunately when Pearl was born, complications come and we ended up separately, mother and child contact being ripped apart. Again, I was thrown into the ground and had to pull myself up for my daughter's life, for now I had to fight for her life, nothing else was more important to me.



Today, we have fight up, together, and have the strongest bond our hearts have linked.


I met Jon of the age of 28, we quickly created a close relationship as friends, and he showed me good in a human, touching my heart with care and love, and not least trust. I began to flourish quietly, giving me faith in myself. When I felt the love inside me, which I had not done since I was very small, I could feel my voice. The more I opened up for it the more I could feel my soul found itself.



I feel I live again, I can be the Tinafie I was born to be, and never again do I let anyone get close and destroy my soul.

I am no longer afraid to show who I am because I feel the love of myself again.

I can now come out with my feelings in my voice and out in my music instead of saving them inside myself.

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